About the Chamber

The Visalia Chamber of Commerce serves as the “voice of business” and provides strategic leadership and engagement in building the future of business and the community through information, services, and advocacy to the employers of our community. 

Last year the Visalia Chamber of Commerce reached over 45,000 people through our publications and marketing. We served as the Voice of Business on more than 50 boards, committees, and alliances. We grew and developed leaders at over 120 networking and educational opportunities. Proudly, we helped raise nearly a quarter of a million dollars for local nonprofits. While these numbers are impressive, they are only the beginning of a much bigger story happening with your Visalia Chamber of Commerce.

The Visalia Chamber of Commerce is the largest business organization in Tulare County. Its members include small businesses, corporations, associations, and individual professionals. Since 1899, the Chamber has worked diligently with local government, education, private industry, and a host of other agencies and organizations to improve the business environment and promote Visalia as a premier community in which to live, work, and do business.

The Chamber organizes and directs the efforts of those who share the desire to improve the conditions under which business is conducted. Through participation in the Chamber, members are able to accomplish collectively what they could not do individually. This spirit of collective action, partnership, and collaboration has driven our Chamber to new successes. Together, we have done remarkable things. The Visalia Chamber of Commerce believes it is important we:

  • Continually educate our community to understand that business success is essential to overall community success and our community’s quality of living correlates directly with the economic well-being of our businesses.
  • Actively consider and respect the priorities of our member businesses and work to support them.
  • Regularly evaluate the effectiveness and impact of our programs and offerings to ensure measurable value to our members and investors that exceeds their investment.
  • Serve as a resource for our members with information on best practices, new business trends, successful ideas, or new partners.
  • Be trustworthy in our motives, visionary and open to possibilities, and inclusive of various viewpoints in decision making.