About the Chamber

Mission: Driving an opportunity economy the Visalia Chamber of Commerce is a Catalyst, Convener, and Champion of local businesses.  

The Visalia Chamber of Commerce is the oldest and largest business organization in Tulare County. With more than 650 business members the Chamber represents more than 45,000 employees to local, county, state and national elected officials.

The Chamber is the CHAMPION and voice for local businesses. With a staff of six, the Visalia Chamber represents our members on more than 40 different boards and advisories to make sure that the concerns and successes of our businesses are made known. Whether attending City Council meetings to discuss micro-brewery, food truck or sign ordinances, or calling City and County staff directly to find answers to specific questions, the Chamber helps to alleviate some of the hassle that can be a stumbling block for business owners. This year, the Chamber hosted the 65th Annual Awards, where we took the opportunity to celebrate and champion those who go above and beyond to make Visalia a great place to live and work.

The Chamber is a connector and a CONVENER. Business owners cannot make it on their own. They rely on a network in order to be successful. The Chamber provides many different platforms for our members to connect with business services and professionals. The Chamber has partnered with Visalia Unified School District to assist with Career Technical Education. Specifically, the Chamber helps to bring together business leaders and educators through advisory boards, speaking opportunities, facility tours, job shadows and internships for local students. The Chamber is committed to ensuring that there is a strong pipeline of employees coming out of the schools ready to work for local employers. Additionally, the Chamber hosts events that give employers and employees the chance to connect and support each other. Business After Hours Mixers, the Young Professionals Network and the Chamber Ambassador programs help local employees and employers expand their networks and support systems.  

The Chamber is a CATALYST for change. Recently, the Chamber launched three new programs that will drive change in our community. Visalia SOUP provides a platform for local residents to think outside the box, connect with local resources and jump start new projects, all with the purpose of positively impacting Visalia. SOUP brings together children, parents, business leaders and elected officials to find ways to move our community forward, one small donation and idea at a time. The Chamber's Candidates College brought together current elected officials with local residents who see the need to step up and learn about the election process. Candidates College was a candid look at what it takes to run a successful campaign, how to build a strong team, and business issues that candidates need to be aware of and study before they hit the campaign trail. The goal is to inspire potential candidates and to remove some of the fear that stops people from serving and engaging in their communities. Finally, the Emerge program specifically focuses on entrepreneurs and giving them the tools they need to make their dream a reality. The Chamber firmly believes that entrepreneurship allows people to stay in Visalia, doing what they love, creating more jobs and supporting an opportunity economy.   

The Chamber does not do this work alone. We rely on the support of our members, our Board Members, and the community. Partnerships are the cornerstone of the Chamber, allowing us to be a catalyst, convener and champion for businesses. We invite you to come down to our office and learn about what we do and tell us your ideas so that we can continue to make our community thrive.