Candidates College

Have you ever thought about running for public office? Maybe for City Council? The School Board? Have you ever been asked to run or lead someone's campaign? Then, Candidates College is the place for you. Join the Visalia Chamber of Commerce as we help community members learn more about the realities of running and being in public office, how to fundraise and build a campaign, and all of the opportunities that exist for you to get involved.

Candidates college will be a two-part series that will consist of the following:

Part One

Political Landscape

  • Current Issues Facing Business

  • Appointed and Elected Ways to Serve

  • Terms, Requirements and Fees

 Campaign Management - Panel Discussion

  • Finance and Fundraising

  • Building your Team

Part Two

 Coalition Building, Marketing & Realities of Being an Office Holder - Panel Discussion

  • Coalition Building and Crafting and Delivering an Effective Message

  • Talking with the Media

  • Realities of Being an Office Holder

The cost for the two-part series is $40. The cost to attend just one part of the series is $30.


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