Who Should Attend Impact?

Leaders – You are running a company or organization and are looking to refresh your skills, feel inspired, or learn about the latest and greatest leadership trends. If this is you, the Impact Leadership Conference is exactly where you need to be. You will also have an opportunity to network and learn from other community leaders.

Creators – You are the agents of change. Whether starting your own business or inspiring others to become entrepreneurs and change makers, you thrive around fresh, fun and creative energy. Come connect with professionals, founders and startups and learn from like-minded creatives.

Startups – Against all odds your company has successfully launched, secured precious seed money and is looking forward to growing this year. This conference will get you in front of other innovators who will help you spread your brand, provide valuable feedback and network connections, or become potential customers (and who knows… maybe they’ll be your next employees).

Self-Improvers – You are always reading the latest leadership book or blog and you have a hunger to grow and develop. Our workshops will help feed your need to do just that.

Philanthropists – You love giving your time and resources to your community and have a heart for helping others. The Impact Leadership Conference will help connect you to other community change makers and philanthropists, and leave you feeling inspired and ready to tackle that next need.

Career Advancers – You are always looking for new opportunities to take your career to the next level, whether it’s changing careers or climbing to the executive ranks of your company. Find your next employment opportunity or attend some workshops to invest in the training you need to make that leap into the C-suite.

Recruiters – Connecting and recruiting diverse talent not only keeps your company fresh and innovative, but it’s one of the best ways to attract even more bright talent. Attend Impact to network with some of the brightest the Valley has to offer. 


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