The Journey through our Application System

Submit your proposal anytime! We don’t have our next SOUP event scheduled, but submit your proposal and we’ll notify you when we have a date.

SOUP is a great way to raise money, build community support and get connections to local resources that can help you carry out your project.

  • Your proposal doesn’t need to be a novel. Keep it short, quick and to the point!

  • Your idea can be about ANYTHING!

  • The idea must be about the city of Visalia.

  • You do not have to be a resident to submit an idea.

  • You will receive an auto-generated email confirming that we received your application. We will reach out to you only if we'd like to move forward with your application.

  • You can submit your idea more than once! If your idea doesn’t get selected for the upcoming SOUP, SUBMIT IT AGAIN!

  • Save your work ahead of time. Once you submit your application there isn’t an email sharing your work post submission. Save it so if you want to resubmit later you have the language you want!

  • Anything you submit (except your phone number) will be used to print at the dinners. So make sure you edit, look for spelling errors, etc.

  • We DO NOT use technology to present (aka PowerPoint or things that are based on the idea of the projector).

  • If you have never been to a SOUP before… come! See what it's about. This is different than anything you submitted to before. It’s not formal, you can sit on the ground, anything can happen, magic is everywhere.

Contact if you have questions.

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  • PAST SUBMISSIONS: Previous Visalia SOUP winners are not eligible to submit for one year from their award date. Runner up finalists (those who pitched proposals at the event but were not selected as a winner) must sit out one SOUP event following their proposal date before being eligible to apply again. All others are welcome to submit, including those who previously submitted and were not selected as finalists, and those who submitted past the deadline for a previous SOUP event.

  • Not all submitted proposals will be selected to present during the SOUP event. A proposal committee will pre-screen submissions for appropriate projects and content, feasibility in getting funded, conflicts of interest and other guidelines.

  • Thoughtful but brief responses are encouraged.

  • Selected finalist applicants must be present to pitch their project during the meal event.

  • By submitting a project proposal, applicant grants permission to Visalia SOUP to use applicant's proposal in promotional materials for Visalia SOUP.

  • The proposal selection committee is composed of invited community guests and Visalia SOUP committee members.

  • If your proposal is selected, you are required to present your pitch in a run through/pre-meeting.