Government Affairs Committee

The mission of the Government Affairs Committee (GAC) is to provide a basis for the Visalia Chamber of Commerce to act on local, state, and federal government issues; to establish and maintain a good working relationship with its elected officials; to advocate for actions and outcomes that are of direct benefit to the Chamber’s members; and to create a favorable and profitable business.

GAC members are expected to actively serve on at least one of GAC’s standing or ad hoc issue committees in areas such as community planning and development, economic development, culture, community security and health, natural resources and the environment, education and human development, or legislative review.

The Committee includes up to 25 appointed voting members, however, meetings are open to all Chamber members.
Members wishing to serve on the Government Affairs Committee should contact the Chamber at (559) 734-5876. Individuals wishing to receive notice of GAC meetings and/or meeting agendas should also contact the Chamber.

GAC Chair 2015-2016

William Martin
Martin & Martin Enterprise

Voting Members

Mary E Beatie
Provost & Pritchard

Matt Seals

Phil Bourdette
Bourdette & Partners

Richard L Feder
Visalia Mall

Steve Reid
Hydrite Chemical Co

Trevor Lewis
District Director for Devon Mathis

Vincent Salinas
Financial Advisor

William Martin
Martin & Martin Enterprise

Gail Zurek
Chamber Staff

Bill Maze
American H20 Systems

Bob Ainley
Dowling Aaron Inc

Brett Taylor
T.C. Association of Realtors

Colby Wells
Gas Company

Kerry Hydash
Family HealthCare Network

Kevin McCusker
California Water Co

Elaine Martell
Downtown Visalians


Government Affairs Committee Meetings

The Committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Buckman-Mitchell (500 N. Santa Fe).