Chamber Committees

Committee: Annual Awards
FY2018 Chair: Patrick Lazano & Karen Gross
Staff Lead: Sue Summers
Event Month: June
Meeting Dates: March - June (3-4 Meetings)

The Annual Awards Committee plans and implements the Annual Awards Celebration for Business of the Year and Man & Woman of the Year. Sub-committees include the selection teams for the Man/Woman/Emerging Leaders awards and the Business/Non-Profit awards.

Committee: Oktoberfest
Staff Lead: Dante Rosh
Event Month: September
Meeting Dates: Monthly, May - September

The Oktoberfest Committee plans and implements the set up and running of the event.

Committee: Christmas Tree Auction
FY2018 Chairs: Barbara Mayeda & July Hong

Staff Lead: Sue Summers & Stephanie Kinser
Event Month: December
Meeting Dates: Monthly, June - December

The Christmas Tree Auction Committee plans and implements the set up and running of the event.

Committee: Government Affairs Committee (GAC)
FY2018 Chair: Rick Feder
Staff Lead: Gail Zurek
Event Month: Monthly

Meeting Dates: 2nd Tuesday - 7:15 AM

The Government Affairs Committee advises the board on legislative issues. Based on the Board's adopted policy document, GAC develops responses and/or public positions for the Chamber.

Committee: Leadership Visalia Steering Committee
FY2018 Chair: Matt Seals
Staff Lead: Dante Rosh
Event Month: Monthly
Meeting Dates: 3rd Tuesday - 7:00 AM

The Leadership Visalia Steering Committee oversees the Leadership Visalia (LV) program, including scholarship awards, review of the program's curriculum and project, and ensuring that program objectives are met. The Committee also oversees the annual Golf Tournament and LV Graduation events.

Committee: Executive & Finance Committee
FY2018 Chair: Karen Gross
Staff Lead: Gail Zurek
Event Month: Monthly

Meeting Dates: 2nd Thursday - 7:30 AM

The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the board between official meetings, serves as the primary advisers to the President/CEO, conducts the President/CEO's evaluation, and serves as the Board for the Vision Visalia Foundation. The Finance Committee's responsibility is to provide detailed oversight of the Chamber's financial management activities, including recommending an annual budget, reviewing regular activity reports, and ensuring proper procedures are followed. At times, these committees have operated separately, but with lots of common members; currently, they operate as a joint committee.

Committee: Young Professionals Network (YPN) Steering Committee
FY2018 Chairs: Lucy Huerta
Staff Lead: Nicola Wissler
Event Month: Monthly
Meeting Dates: 3rd Wednesday - 7:30 AM

The YPN Steering Committee provides leadership for this Chamber program. They are responsible for developing programming and promoting involvement.

Committee: Ambassadors Committee
FY2018 Chairs: Matt Case & Sharon Allison-Crook
Staff Lead: Jon Bueno
Event Month: Monthly
Meeting Dates: 4th Thursday - 8:00 AM

Ambassadors serve as the "face" of the Chamber at public events such as Ribbon Cuttings and Business After Hours. They also provide marketing and membership support to the Chamber.

If you are interested in joining a Chamber Committee, please email